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How to Best selfie apps Android smartphones (2020)

How to Best selfie apps Android smartphones (2020)

The perfect selfie is a legend. Taking the perfect selfie isn’t easy. A lot of clicks and effort to get the perfect picture that will get you likes on Instagram and Facebook.

Taking great selfies requires more than good posture. The right app can magically make your skills look great with just one tap. After compiling our list of the best camera apps for Android, we now bring you the best selfie apps for Android.

Best Selfie Apps for Android Smartphones

1. Retrica

Retrica is undoubtedly the best selfie app for Android. Why? It has everything a selfie camera app should have. The app is well designed and has useful features for everyone, from noobs to phone image processors, anyone can use this app easily. More than 100 filters are easy to select and find and allow you to enhance your photos, videos, GIFs and collage maker directly in the app. The app also makes it easy to share to Instagram and Facebook, although you will need to link these accounts with Retrica to access this feature.

2. Snapchat

Who doesn’t like Snapchat? This selfie app is one of the most popular social media apps on the internet, Snapchat is not your normal selfie app. Use face recognition and AR to detect your face and apply filters. This app is more than just a selfie app. But it deserves to be number one in our list of best selfie apps for Android.You can download Snapchat from Google Play and explore more features for social media use.

3. B1612 Beauty Camera and Filters

Like Retrica, B1612 is a great selfie app with tons of filters. Although I don’t like the filters in my pictures because they make photos look too modifying too much, many people like this feature so this app doesn’t disappoint them.B1612 offers a lot of cool filters and features. Others like skin enhancement software, the ability to create music videos, and even the ability to reshape the face, which allow you to reduce the face and body parts you find less than satisfactory. You can download B1612 from Play Store.

4. Cymera camera

When I first downloaded the app, I felt it was more of an editing app than a selfie camera app for Android, but it’s worth a try.The Cymera Camera app lets you decorate your photos with filters and stickers. Create collages, use editing tools to smoothen skin and even add makeup directly in the app.

You can change the filters on your selfies in real time, add stickers, change the layout of your collage, change smiles, make your face V shape and add text to your photos. You can also create images by adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation. All these features in one selfie camera app.

5. Camera360

Camera360 is the Editors’ Choice app on the Google Play Store. The app is feature rich and can be used as a photo editor and selfie camera app.

Camera360 offers professional editing tools with stickers and filters for your pictures. Video effect makes this app more believable. Users can create photo grids and stickers, cartoon effects, and even change the appearance of their faces with just a few clicks and swipes.

6. Sweet selfie

Sweet Selfie is a popular selfie camera app worthy of the best Android selfie apps. It does much more than take selfies with filters. This app has a built-in editor to fix blemishes without any traces, like many other apps shown here, allows you to add makeup and choose makeup styles. But this app has a list of new makeup styles.

7. Candy Camera

With hundreds of millions of downloads and a 4.4-star rating on the Google Play Store, Candy Camera is on our list of the best selfie apps for Android. Candy Camera lets you use filters not only But with your selfies only But also your videos and

This app has beautiful functions, stickers, collage maker and other beauty edits for cool selfies.Candy Camera is one of the Editors’ Choice app in Google Play.

8. Instagram

Instagram is more popular than Snapchat, but it is still lagging behind in terms of functionality, although Instagram may offer better filters for posts and have a larger user base. But its filters aren’t as creative as Snapchat.

Instagram has a great set of filters and face maps as well as the ability to change the brightness, clarity and tone of your photos. From boomerangs to collage-making features, Instagram is still a great tool for social media addicts.

If you are addicted to selfies, head over to the app store and download these amazing picture changer apps. We did our job and now it’s your turn to take beautiful selfies.

Sometimes Android phone’s pre-installed camera apps aren’t good enough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a camera app that’s perfect for taking professional photos. And I’m not saying that by using these apps you can improve your camera hardware.

Stock camera apps often come with limited features, so you need a third-party camera app to take better pictures like a professional photographer. Playing with exposure, ISO, and other manual controls can enhance your photography skills.

Google’s software is one of the fundamental factors in making the Google Pixel phone the “best smartphone camera”. Google uses advanced image processing to produce stunning results from your mobile phone’s camera. Take Photo is the best Android camera app to take pictures without worrying about manual settings. The default auto mode worked fine for us as you don’t have to edit it too often. Just take it out of your bag and click on the picture.

This app is available on many supported smartphones. After installing and using this app on your phone, you will notice that Google Camera can actually use it. Unlike your camera app, it comes with a lot of unique features.

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